Selling a home is disruptive to the flow of ones life. No matter how you slice it, preparing your home for sale and coordinating showings is a pain. The anxiety that comes with navigating through escrow is tough to avoid as well.

A majority of the time, folks are selling a home that they have spent many years in. Years of memories of holidays, raising kids & pets, growing together or sometimes apart. Letting go of a home is hard enough and choosing the right person to guide you through that experience is essential.

As a top producing Exclusive Buyer's Agent for many years of this hot seller's market, I learned how listing agents got the best deals for their sellers. I was able to set expectations with my buyer clients so that they wrote offers that not only put their best foot forward, but also addressed the seller's most important criteria; Getting the most for their home, in the quickest amount of time and with the least amount of inconvenience.

You may be saying to yourself "those things are important to me too!" I know they are! You can rest easy knowing that as your listing agent, I will market your home thoroughly and creatively to local, mega-regional and international buyers to guarantee your criteria is met.  

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What is the difference between Zillow, Trulia, and MLS?

MLS is where it all starts and where it ends. This the platform where buyers and sellers, seller's agents and buyer's agents work together to get homes bought and sold. Make sure you have a Top Producing Realtor working for you.