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Who are you? I’ll wait…

What you do all day long is hardly who you are. But, perhaps, what you think about all day is. It’s comforting to ponder, really. That you can change who you are, and nobody can tell you otherwise. Is it possible to BE someone who rarely, dare never, seeks comfort? Because, I must say, when left to our own devices, when we are clueless to our own identity, we tend to look in the wrong places for comfort. Thus confusing us more.

Though I am a successful REALTOR® in Naples, I moonlight in recreational psychology and general brainstorming on the human condition. Ask me anything, and with time, I can usually smoke out a reasonable answer. Some people call that “Problem Solving Skills”. I think of it as caring for people. Because to reach this moving target of “solving” anything, we need to listen more than we speak. Who can you think of who truly listens to you? Are they helping you to improve your life? Your joy? Like, the real joy that is impossible to put into words? The joy that inspires one to volunteer their time, energy and talents to just maybe bring another person to that level where they too continue to minister to others, freely? I honestly don’t think there is flesh on earth right now who is capable of this task. All we can truly do is help each other to listen. Curing each other isn’t going to happen. But I know a guy.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by my company, Premiere Plus Realty, if I wanted to participate in a Serve Day that would benefit the Path2Freedom organization. Of course. I wasn’t sure if I would be cleaning bathrooms or parking cars, or even knew who Path2Freedom is. PPR Cares Serve Day, one of several throughout the year, ended up being a Red Gala fundraising event that was held on January 20, 2024 at the Northern Jet Hanger at the Naples Airport where about 1000 well-to-do supporters showed up, dressed to the nines, ready to support. Path2Freedom summarizes their effort this way:

We are passionately committed to serving the needs of child victims through their individual journeys from Rescue to Restoration.
We are humbled by the service we are called to provide for these young survivors and know that we can’t do this important work without God’s guiding hand. We rely confidently upon His loving direction to fulfill our mission.

 Borrowed from is the below list of horrifying statistics this wonderful organization ministers to.

2022-2023 STATISTICS

2022-2023 STATISTICS



I can report that I was not placed on bathroom duty during the event (which would have been totally fine), but rather had the pleasure of checking in dozens and dozens of supporters. Making sure their credits cards were entered into the computer for the live & silent auctions, assigning them an auction paddle, and sending them off to the correct table to begin the evening of fellowship and generosity. I even had a nice chat with Mr. Jim Breuer, a Naples resident and well known comedian who pledged to donate his time, talent and effort for the organization sometime in November. Jim is a strong voice for conservatism and decency right now and I encourage everyone to give him an ear if you come across him. Are we beginning to see more and more people striving to do what is right, even if that makes them uncomfortable and potentially suffer losses? A fruit of the Holy Spirit is, in fact, long-suffering.

2024 Path2Freedom Red Gala

2024 Path2Freedom Red Gala

2024 Path2Freedom Red Gala

2024 Path2Freedom Red Gala

I get that a footing of conservatism is to be left alone and all, but when darkness begins to encroach upon what we know to be right and good, we have no choice but to defend and provide a path to freedom to the best of our ability. There are seasons in life, and right now is the season to war against evil. Path2Freedom is doing that. Jim Breuer is doing that. Premiere Plus Realty is doing that. There are many weapons and strategies in war and we must choose to defend life, any way we can. For the territory I have been given at this moment, that includes to serve righteously, ethically and to inspire. I pray that I don’t fall as short as I know I am capable of.

I left my previous Naples real estate brokerage in May of 2023, and while there were several reasons why I decided to change brokers, it wasn’t until I found Premier Plus Realty that all of those reasons made sense. Premiere Plus Realty is just about the only company, period, that I have seen who has the courage to lead with bible scripture. This company’s values are built on those of Jesus Christ and the most important command he gave; Love One Another. Is that such a hard thing to get behind? Now, a lot of people in this world will stretch that command to include being tolerant of the atrocities people perpetrate upon one another. That is not what love is. Love is truth, and there is only One Truth forget all that living your own truth garbage. Truth divides good from bad and is a “discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” – Heb 4:12.

Separating the good from the bad has already been defined and completed by our Creator, we just need to recognize the difference. Emotions are often our enemy, so we can’t rely on them. Caring for one another in truth is the only path to freedom.

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