Current Wait Times to Close Escrow in Naples

‘Tis the season for struggling to get things done! Everyone is hair-on-fire busy and it takes a Fire Marshall of a Realtor to manage it all.

I’m from California.

OK, hear me out. I understand the “don’t bring your blue state politics” to Florida spiel, and trust me, I endorse it. Thing is, I have no “blue state politics”. Hence, why I live in the best state in the country now. The only thing I brought from California is my wife, dogs, couple of guitars and a consistent follow-up from a decade in real estate to make sure everyone in the transaction is on task. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is what being on a Top Producing team taught me.

My in-laws are buying a home out in Golden Gate Estates and communication has been below acceptable. Title and the bank are slow to update and with closing creeping up in 10 days, I had to make a round of calls this morning to check on everyone. Turns out that the escrow officer wasn’t aware of the survey I sent her company, which we were able to retrieve from the current owners. That survey saved the buyers $600 as it were. By the end of the phone call the escrow officer had cancelled the survey that was on order, correctly noted as to who was on the loan and who is to go on title, sent the title report out and made notations on who needed to sign with a notary and who was going to be in town to sign. Current wait times to close escrow in Naples seems to be around 30-45 days. I heard an agent suggest the other day to have a 60 day escrow. I almost threw up in my mouth. Current wait times to close escrow in Naples is higher than other areas in large part because so many people are moving here. Why wouldn’t they? Naples is the best place in the country. Trust me, I have been all over this country.

If you want to do better than the current wait times to close escrow in Naples, hire an agent that will chase everyone around to keep them on task. There is a charming way to do that. You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

I will respond to your call. Try me.

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Since 2012, Josh Amolsch has proven to be relentlessly effective in delivering success and satisfaction to his customers. As a resident of Naples, Josh brings energy, charm and wisdom to the Premiere Plus Realty Luxury International brand.

Josh is a long time musician who has released a few recordings over the last 20 years. He loves hiking in national parks and traveling with his wife, Viktoriya. The bedrock of Josh's character has always been his passion for service and results. With this, Josh has not only found success, but a permanent seat as a student in the practice of real estate.

Consulting real estate consumers and guiding principles through life changing events has been the highlight of Josh's adult life. Josh is an accomplished communicator, and with the unique training he has received from top brokers with over 120 years combined experience, Josh knows how to bring deals together, keep everyone on track, and close successfully while maintaining healthy relationships.