Love Letters To Naples

Even Cities Appreciate Flattery

Everytime I write one of these blogs I think to myself, “Self, who is really going to take the time to read these stories you write”. Then I take a look at the analytics on the back-end of my site and see that hundreds of people read these love letters to Naples on a regular basis. Never used to be the case. But times change, I suppose. We all sort of fall into who we are supposed to be, eventually. Writing blogs and selling real estate is a far cry from where I started out in life, but it is where I find joy these days along with beach days with my beautiful wife.

Blogging about love letters to Naples is fairly free-form, unlike the 800 letters I just mailed to various properties owners around my office at Bayfront on 3rd Ave S. Those letters need to be much more to the point showing homeowners how much I care about their community and how it would truly fulfill my grandest wishes to be their trusted real estate advisor. The latest batch of letters I sent out were printed on 5×7 classic white linen paper garnished with a real stamp on the matching linen envelope. I spent probably 3 times what a basic mailer would cost, but did so to convey how much I care about Naples, the Bayfront/Naples Square communities and my business. These letters feel like a wedding invitation than a marketing piece from a Realtor.


As with any industry, I probably have just as many competitors watching what I do as I do buyers and sellers. With this comes imitators, but that’s OK. Creators always create and reinvent themselves making themselves a moving target. Look at Mickey Mouse. He started out as a steamboat captain and now he owns more Florida real estate than David Hoffman. Now that’s a name everyone knows in Naples. I’ll tell you something though, Bill Klohn, broker at Bayfront Realty, is a name that is known as well. I am working on a video that will highlight the developments my broker has built in Naples since 1982. It will be yet another fun love letter to Naples for longtime residents to enjoy.


This little beach town is growing, and my office is right in the thick of it. If you want a Realtor who is on fire for America’s finest town, give me a ring at 239.302.8475

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About the Author
Since 2012, Josh Amolsch has proven to be relentlessly effective in delivering success and satisfaction to his customers. As a resident of Naples, Josh brings energy, charm and wisdom to the Premiere Plus Realty Luxury International brand.

Josh is a long time musician who has released a few recordings over the last 20 years. He loves hiking in national parks and traveling with his wife, Viktoriya. The bedrock of Josh's character has always been his passion for service and results. With this, Josh has not only found success, but a permanent seat as a student in the practice of real estate.

Consulting real estate consumers and guiding principles through life changing events has been the highlight of Josh's adult life. Josh is an accomplished communicator, and with the unique training he has received from top brokers with over 120 years combined experience, Josh knows how to bring deals together, keep everyone on track, and close successfully while maintaining healthy relationships.