Veteran Buys Her First Home

Months of determination and focus brings another beloved military woman to home ownership.

I still remember that evening back in August 2019. My wife and I were returning from a second “pre-moon” trip down in Pismo Beach when we had to stop for gas. As I pumped gas into my Grand Cherokee somewhere off of Highway 46 outside Pasa Robles and Templeton, staring off into the indescribably mesmerizing central coast sunset, this wonderful woman called me and said she wanted to buy the home that she was living in. She admitted that she had some work to do on her credit, but that she was determined to do whatever it took. I knew right then that it wouldn’t be too long before this veteran buys her first home.

Now, this heart condition is not found in every Tom, Dick & Harry you meet. So many people give up at the slightest bit of pushback or adversity. This is why I love working with Veterans so much. Many of them have seen absolute hell, but they largely have this vibe of gratefulness and about them and are tenacious. This buyer stuck it out for nine months paying off debt, working with her lender and credit specialist (and the back and forth that goes with that – yikes!), raising a child and dealing with an aging dog who ended up passing away.

The home itself needs some work. The landlord didn’t seem to care about keeping up the investment over the years. Cabinet doors were falling off, garage door doesn’t open, a toilet don’t work. The owner thought she improved the home by installing the cheapest laminate flooring available, which is now peeling at the corners. Everywhere you look, there is work to be done once this veteran buys her first home. But this Army-Vet has vision, and for a place she has called home for six years, she wasn’t about to let it go. Community means a lot to us. When we feel like we belong, we hang on tight.

I have specialized in helping veteran buyers since 2014. If you would like help buying or selling a home, give me a jingle and let’s get going!

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