A Face For Radio

All together now, “Goodbye 2020!”

What else can we say about 2020 other than it has a face for radio. Holy crap. It’s like that part in Blacksheep when Chris Farley falls down the hill while campaigning for his brother in Washington state. When he finally reaches the bottom of the hill, he peels himself off of the ground, stands up with a snap of the back and a wobble to regain his balance and exclaims “what the hell was that all about?” It’s also ironic how at the end of the movie he was able to prove voter fraud as the reason his brother’s opponent won the election. Anyway, I haven’t heard of one person who isn’t quite ready to let go of this year.

While several of our friends are visiting Florida for the new year celebrations, the wife and I are viewing Florida through the lense of Realtors on YouTube since I have clients in Sacramento that deserve my full attention and availability. It’s not that I need a home in Florida, it’s just most of the videos about Florida are from Realtors. It’s great that we have all of these tools to advertise our busnisses and art forms, but still, some people shouldn’t be on video. Not only do some of them have the personality of a truck tire, they also have a face for radio. Is that mean? That’s OK, the world needs more truth.

Well, I hope you all had something good that came out of this year. I know some wonderful people that had their first baby, bought their first home or moved up to a better home, people that have retired and other people who are just getting started in their career. Life keeps going. We just might have another 2020-type year at some point. It’s probably a good thing that God throws us these curve balls every once and a while. Don’t you think one would getting arrogant if everything was pleasant and near perfect all of the time? We need to know despair and hurt fairly regularly so that we remember to be grateful and humble. It is easy to fall from gratitude. You know that is true, deep down.

As for this Realtor, I am extremely thankful for every breath the Lord has given me. Every moment with my friends playing Exploding Cats, every lackluster home I show a client, week after week of rejected offers. It’s all built on relationships and it teaches us patience, love and gratitude that refines us. I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and pray that your 2021 is your best year yet.

If you or someone you know has a home to sell or buy, give me a call. You just may have found the most authentic Realtor in town.

Josh Amolsch – 916.224.2756

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Since 2012, Josh Amolsch has proven to be relentlessly effective in delivering success and satisfaction to his customers. As a resident of Naples, Josh brings energy, charm and wisdom to the Premiere Plus Realty Luxury International brand.

Josh is a long time musician who has released a few recordings over the last 20 years. He loves hiking in national parks and traveling with his wife, Viktoriya. The bedrock of Josh's character has always been his passion for service and results. With this, Josh has not only found success, but a permanent seat as a student in the practice of real estate.

Consulting real estate consumers and guiding principles through life changing events has been the highlight of Josh's adult life. Josh is an accomplished communicator, and with the unique training he has received from top brokers with over 120 years combined experience, Josh knows how to bring deals together, keep everyone on track, and close successfully while maintaining healthy relationships.