The Center of Naples is Shifting

Center of Naples is Shifting | Naples Real Estate Market

The center of Naples has been shifting the last few years. Bayfront can agreeably be considered the center of Naples now. But it’s not surprising how many locals don’t know the where Bayfront is. Whenever I try to explain where Bayfront  is, I have to say “you know where Tin City is? Bayfront right across the Gordon River Bridge in the colorful condo buildings”. Then I get the whole “oh yes!”. This is understandable when talking to locals because we all just go to work, visit our local grocery store, car wash, and gas station and then home. Maybe the beach once and a while during the off-season. No one really keeps track of the names of shopping centers and developments. Except the folks who have been in town for decades who recognize old landmarks such as Tin City, Pastrami Dan’s and of course, the pier.

Bayfront of Naples

Bayfront of Naples

For funsies, after you are done reading this blog, Duck Duck Go (or Google/Bing) “Naples Florida” and click images. What do you see? You will mostly see photos of Naples Pier and photos of Bayfront of Naples from the Gordon Bridge. Bayfront is not only an iconic landmark of Naples, but it has been shifting to become the center of Naples. Just look at the development around Bayfront. To the west, building #4 of Naples Square, which carries the moniker “Quattro”, has been completed along with the new AC Marriott Hotel. To the north a little skip is the soon to be brand new Gulfshore Playhouse building. There will also be a commercial building in between 3rd Ave S and Gulfshore Playhouse to house a restaurant or two, among other service-centric entities.

Metropolitan Naples | New Condo Project in Naples

Metropolitan Naples

Photo Courtesy: Metropolitan Aura

To the east, Metropolitan Aura is going vertical. This will be a 15-story luxury condo building housing 56 beautiful residences and will stand among 3 or 4 other towers on 5.3 acres. The energy is moving east, folks. Look down US 41 from the Davis Triangle. Those little old strip malls and auto shops are being sold and there are big plans with the center of Naples continuously shifting east. Soon, you won’t be able to see the Bayfront Professional Building from Goodlette-Frank as two brand new 5-story buildings are going in called The Tides. Check out the photo I took atop the Bayfront Professional Building looking westward.

The Tides at Bayfront Build Site

Westward View | 3rd Ave S & Goodlette-Frank

The two five-story buildings will soon consist of 35 luxury condos, 25 which are still available for purchase, when they are completed in late 2024. Four floor plans ranging from about $1.9M to over $4M will have a separate condo association from the existing Bayfront condos, but will look the same from the outside. Just imagine the trees in the center median right there at US 41 and Goodlette-Frank! In a few years, they will canopy over the road providing such a welcoming foyer into the center of Naples. What a blessing it is to have an office right in the middle of it all! 

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Josh Amolsch | Naples Luxury Real Estate | REALTOR

Josh Amolsch | Naples Luxury Real Estate | REALTOR

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