The Fascinating People of Naples, Florida

Naples Beach

If you haven’t met the fascinating people of Naples, Florida, you must come out from under that sea turtle and wipe the sand from your eyes and ears. This town has got to be the most interesting town in America. My wife and I just returned from traveling the United States in a 20ft travel trailer for 5 months and I must report that Naples has the most fascinating people in the country, hands down. It would be easy to point out all the folks in Port Royal who have amassed substantial wealth inventing things such as the Slinky®, Windex® & Drano®. But I haven’t met any of those people, yet. As a buyer client told me once, “No one is from Naples”. While funny, it’s not true.

What is particularly entertaining here are the locals who are originally from the North East. Jersey, New York, Boston. Sometimes I feel like I am a scene from Goodfellas. I’m not talking about those yahoo’s who honk at you as soon as the light turns green. We all know a snowbird when we hear them. I’m talking about the sophisticated, hard working locals who treat you like family the minute they meet you. That is, if you are cool.

Mafia Movie

I showed a condo last week and immediately upon my return to the office got a call from the listing agent telling me to come over to a sandwich shop in Bayfront where he was. I expressed to the agent that my Lyft was arriving any minute as my car was in the shop, but he told me to cancel it and come over. After he offered to pay the $5 cancellation fee for the ride, I scooted on over to see what the matter was. I walked in and up to the table where the agent was sitting with two other people, of whom I have never met. A man and a woman. The man reaches over and slides a chair in my direction and says “Hey Josh, sit down”… Mafia movie

The Jersey accent and the fact that he knows me and I don’t know him really helped set the “it might all end today” vibe. Like I got called to the principal’s office and the principal is Joe Pesci. Turns out, The man and woman were the owners of the condo I just showed and were nice as pie. They had been passed along a previous blog I wrote on Naples real estate listings and how terrible it is to see Realtors uploading cell phone photos to MLS for their seller’s home listing. This gentleman appreciated how I pointed out that we should not be diminishing the landmark Bayfront community. I agree sir! I know have an agreement to show and sell his wonderful Naples Bay view condo.

Bayfront of Naples

What other fascinating people of Naples, Florida I will meet and how? Maybe this blog will dig up new friends & clients who see eye to eye with me. Maybe I could help them find a home to buy or sell their home. Life is good! Especially when you find reliable, trustworthy people randomly on the internet.

Bayfront Community - Naples, Florida

Bayfront Community

If you are looking to buy or sell residential real estate in Naples, Florida. Give me a ring! I have been in the business over a decade and have been trained by the top 1% all over the country.

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