Midnight in Naples: Pleasant & Peaceful

Why so late?

My wife and I have been watching a friend’s dog for the last month. This means potty walks around Midnight in Naples, Central Naples to be exact. Between using a flashlight to watch for Cane Toads, so we don’t return a poodle corpse to our friend who has been in Paris for the last few weeks, and thinking how I can best serve my customers, clients and prospects the following day, I started to notice how quite Naples is at midnight. There is, of course, the occasional loud motorcycle that can be heard off in the distance, but not much more than that. Midnight in Naples is, how can I say it… pleasant & peaceful. But things have changed over the years. For folks who have grown up in Naples, today’s activity is much busier than 10, 20 and especially more than 30 years ago.

A few days ago, I drove around Naples to snag some photos for a company that I hired to rebuild my real estate website as I am updating several items in my business. New company, new website, new headshots. I realized recently that I have had the same headshot for 8 years! While I don’t look too different aside from a few more grey hairs, I am actually skinnier these days. Thanks is due to my wife’s efforts at the family farm to grow her own food and, of course, prolonged fasting. Do you know how much work it takes to grow food in this sandy southwest Florida ground? Call me, I’ll pass the phone to Viktoriya and she will tell you all about it.


Back to the subject of midnight in Naples. Since I am having a new state-of-the-art Naples real estate website built, I thought I should include photos of particular areas of Naples to make it more authentic. To highlight the lifestyle’s that certain buyers may want to explore, I have these “tiles” on the site that direct people to homes and condos that are in proximity to the lifestyle in which they are interested in; Shopping, Night Life, Yachting, Golf and even Pickleball & Tennis. For “Night Life”. I took a drive to Mercato to capture (the best I could) some shots of a fun place to visit for single people and even married folks for a night out. I’m not a professional photographer, but what do you think of the shot below?

Midnight in Naples is calm during off-season, but Mercato still shines. Once season hits in January and the population doubles, midnight in Naples will be buzzing. This small beach town retains its charm from January to March, just at a higher pitch, if I could put it that way. Some of our favorite restaurants are at Mercato; The 239 Naples, Rocco’s Tacos and especially the required date night treat provided by Kilwin’s Ice Cream. Mmmmm.

Nightlife in Naples

Some of Naples Best Restaurants, Ice Cream, Coffee & Entertainment

If you find yourself up at midnight in Naples looking for a responsible, experienced Realtor. Send me an email, I just might be Your Agent & Friend for Life.

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