New California

Twitter was alive and well today.

As if anything else could surprise you in the year 2020, attorney’s representing “New California” & “New Nevada” just filed amicus brief in support of the Texas-led lawsuit that argues that electors from Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania should not cast their votes because those states unconstitutionally changed their voting processes to allow for mail-in voting. I stumbled upon this during my morning coffee-twitter time today. I admit that I got sucked into the new-age trash mag a while ago purely for entertainment, oh, and to advertise my real estate business. Hey, you really have to cover all angles when trying to grow a business. Like my favorite guitar gear reviewer, Ola Englund, once said, “I’m like a virus, I am everywhere”. Probably not the most sensitive thing to say these days, but he said it a couple of years ago. Almost anything you say these days is insensitive anyway. Shoot, I heard Norway banned “hate speech” in your home. No more criticizing anything, not even my dog who just peed on my brand new floors.

Not sure what a “New California” would look like, but apparently many people have been talking about it for some time. Some interesting responses on Twitter this morning were memes with a two headed bear donned with “New California Republic” underneath it, another has Homer Simpson marking up the “Entering NEW Springfield” sign from a past episode of the Simpsons. One guy states that “this gets more coup-coup by the day” while others are sounding the secession and sedition alarms.

There is so much happening in our world right now. Some bad, some good. But that doesn’t stop me from be super optimistic. I know that the best is yet to come. There is more life, pure connection and love ahead of us that there ever has been. I see it when my wife reaches out to check on her friends’ well-being, when my church launches ministries to feed and clothe poor people and to support business that are on the verge of failing as a result of government overreach. I also hear it from the many calls I get from people trying to sell their home and not knowing who to trust or what to do. In reaching out for some humanity in this upside-down world, you will find, compassionately extended out in truth and strength, a person who cares more than you could imagine. That person also happens to sell real estate.

Merry Christmas!

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