West of 41 Club

West of 41 Club

For decades, living West of 41 was necessary. Driving over US 41 to visit a store back in the day was just too far and unnecessary. Therefore, commercial leases were valued lower on the east side of 41, since the demand wasn’t as strong. But Naples has grown over the years. More people began to live east of 41 giving demand to those shops, therefore raising commercial lease asking prices. There is, of course, still plenty of demand for joining the west of 41 club. It’s pretty much am exclusive club reserved for the movers and the shakers. The good news is that we live in a free country and anyone can enter this club will the right amount of work and relationships.

Poor people have it and rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

You may already know the answer to the riddle above. That is because, if you belong to the West of 41 Club, you are a skilled thinker and have likely blazed a trail of fulfillment in your life by creating incredible value for others. What others consider to be risky, the members of the prestigious West of 41 Club recognize as essential… Well, sometimes. Take, for example, starting a business. The average person views starting a business as risky whereas wealthy people recognize that the biggest risk is not betting on themselves where they can actively seek out relationships and increase revenues.

I partially disagree with the answer to the riddle above. The West of 41 Club recognizes the importance of building a world-class team. Because they are naturally a part of it. Leveraging the talents of a world-class team to execute creative ideas and to discover solutions to problems. Savvy West of 41 Club leaders build wealth and create freedom and opportunities which are then enjoyed by themselves and their families. So while studies have found that poorer people work for money and always view money as controlling, wealthy people view money as liberating and work towards fulfillment. Funny how the contrast in perspectives really play out over time.

I am a team builder as well. I didn’t accidentally stumble into the luxury real estate market smack in the center of the most beautiful and desirable town in the country. It wasn’t by chance that friends of mine have been in Naples for decades building some of the most recognizable buildings and projects in town. Members of the West of 41 Club are always looking for reliability, loyalty, creativity and savviness; Qualities I have embodied my whole life.

The answer to the riddle above is both what we take with us when we pass away and what you lose by calling me to talk about your real estate needs…


Josh Amolsch
Premiere Plus Realty, Co. | REALTOR® | #SL3522310
1100 5th Ave S #101B, Naples, FL 34102
Josh Amolsch Naples Real Estate

Josh Amolsch | Naples Luxury Real Estate

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About the Author
Since 2012, Josh Amolsch has proven to be relentlessly effective in delivering success and satisfaction to his customers. As a resident of Naples, Josh brings energy, charm and wisdom to the Premiere Plus Realty Luxury International brand.

Josh is a long time musician who has released a few recordings over the last 20 years. He loves hiking in national parks and traveling with his wife, Viktoriya. The bedrock of Josh's character has always been his passion for service and results. With this, Josh has not only found success, but a permanent seat as a student in the practice of real estate.

Consulting real estate consumers and guiding principles through life changing events has been the highlight of Josh's adult life. Josh is an accomplished communicator, and with the unique training he has received from top brokers with over 120 years combined experience, Josh knows how to bring deals together, keep everyone on track, and close successfully while maintaining healthy relationships.