How To Completely Ruin Your Life

There is light in every story.

The instruction manual, or how my Pop calls it; “destructions”, on how to completely ruin your life, is exhaustive. In fact, it would be fun to see the comments on this post of from readers with how else one can completely ruin their life so we can all have a refresher course on what not to do. Lord knows we could all have a reminder these days. Just to be clear, this is not in any way encouraging these actions but rather a reminder of the consequences of serious malfeasance, recklessness and general idiocracy.

One of many bonehead moves that comes to mind is for a Realtor to break any one of the 17 Articles in the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. Basically anything that is required of the The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is elevated in the Code of Ethics. You may be saying to yourself, “big deal, so you get a fine or at very worse, you lose your license. You still have a life”. While it is true that you don’t automatically die, I am willing to bet that a number of failed Realtors have pulled the plug after being found guilty of something. Super sad.

Any Realtor will tell you that the thought of losing their license and everything they have worked for would be akin to losing a limb. Realtors, the good ones, embody their work. Full immersion is neccesary to swim. If severe enough, breaking the Code of Ethics can keep one from ever obtaining a license again. Time to go work for someone elses dream, buddy. And good luck paying back whatever you stole.

Another item on the list of how to completely ruin your life would be not to get caught at all. My view on this is that sometimes coming clean and doing your time is freeing. Some people are stuck being perpetual liars, kleptomaniacs an just plain shady. They want to change but can’t. Living in that prison is not living at all. Best to just be honest and kind at all times. The law is a good thing, if only it were enforced more. It obviously protects the innocent, but in a way, I think it is good for the wrongdoers as well.

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