Is There Anybody Out There

Buyers and sellers are getting hammered these days. Who do you go with?

Realtor advertising has been through the roof recently and I think I know why. The amount of Sacramento county homes available for sale in November 2020 fell below 1000 for the first time EVER according to Trendgraphix which begs the question; Is there anybody out there? If inventory was that low in Sacto, you bet it was low in Placer, Yolo and El Dorado counties as well. There has been an elevated campaign from agents to try and knock loose some fruit from the listing orchard. Looks as though the California drought has had an affect on the growth and the pickens are getting slimmer by the week. Yes, that statement has political undertones.

I have noticed the uptick in agent marketing, in part as you might have guessed, because I am a participant in the outreach. Check out one of my recent postcards above. Nifty, eh? I design all my own marketing myself and enjoy doing it. Better than outsourcing the material to the same company that everyone else is using. I believe that the recipients of the marketing material feel a little more important if they know you made something for them yourself and didn’t send them some mass produced piece of junk. The ones who win in the world of marketing are the ones who are creative and fresh. Humor, value and retaining approachability are a few of my criteria I hold to a high esteem. Kind of like what it takes to make and keep friends.

Does marketing cease when the sale consummates? I don’t think so. The same thing that got you that client is what will keep that client, so keep your relationship honest and value-filled. I like my friend Nate because he is always teaching me about cool guitar stuff, he feeds me well and is a good listener when I have something to teach him. There is a healthy back-and-forth when you meet the right Realtor and I believe that everyone has that compass inside them to know when they have met the right person, whether they realize it or not.

Is anybody out there? Give me a call to see if I am the right Realtor for you. 916.224.2756

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Since 2012, Josh Amolsch has proven to be relentlessly effective in delivering success and satisfaction to his customers. As a resident of Naples, Josh brings energy, charm and wisdom to the Premiere Plus Realty Luxury International brand.

Josh is a long time musician who has released a few recordings over the last 20 years. He loves hiking in national parks and traveling with his wife, Viktoriya. The bedrock of Josh's character has always been his passion for service and results. With this, Josh has not only found success, but a permanent seat as a student in the practice of real estate.

Consulting real estate consumers and guiding principles through life changing events has been the highlight of Josh's adult life. Josh is an accomplished communicator, and with the unique training he has received from top brokers with over 120 years combined experience, Josh knows how to bring deals together, keep everyone on track, and close successfully while maintaining healthy relationships.