When Opportunities Knock, Open Your Ring App

Probably best to size up what you are getting yourself into.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of adages that people live and die by. I decided to modernize the knocking of opportunity saying to include opening your ring app so you can see what that opportunity is from the comfort of your bathroom or your bed before giving it any effort. I know, some of you use Arlo and some use Nest, but I think Ring is the most recognized manufacturer, so I go with that. When opportunities knock, open your Ring app.

The noise is so loud these days. We are being sold something almost non-stop. Even someone’s opinion written in an article is a sales tactic to get you onboard with their way of thinking and subscribe to the outlet that publishes them, which in turns earns a profit. There is a cost to everything. I was listening to a bible study the other day and the Pastor talked about how back in the ancient days, people would read aloud in front of groups as a part of an event because books, manuscripts and scrolls were so rare. Reading and hearing stories was precious. These days we can’t get away from it. Flashing billboards, signs, text messages, we are inundated by reading and bait to catch our attention.

I guess the purpose of this article is to articulate that not all things that knock are opportunities that will benefit us. In fact, most are not. You know how many spam calls I get per day? Probably as much as the next guy. I am not that special, haha. Well, let’s all just use the proverbial preview power of that Ring app to assess what is an opportunity and what is most likely a stumbling block. A good example of this are “Instant Offers” from Zillow and Opendoor. They make an offer that seems like a good opportunity, but did you have a Realtor look it over? Don’t get screwed by opening the door without looking to see what you are about to deal with.

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